Your Local Northern California Wedding Photographer! 


Photography has always spoken to me the most because I believe that behind every piece of art there should be a feeling that moves you: intimate memories, raw emotions and heart-felt connections. My best friends are the couples who deeply treasure grounded moments with real meaning, and that’s exactly what my photographs preserve with every frame. Weddings are my happy place because all my couples feel like

INSPIRED BY COUPLES who SEEK authentic ADVENTURES AND LOVE STORIES with real moments in between the lines

ALIGNED WITH the DREAMERS who treasure time in nature, value creativity AND BUILDING SOUL-FILLED connectionS.

Music is my love language - let’s make a playlist together AND THROW A PARTY!

Even though I'm a homebody at heart, one place you'll never find me is inside my comfort zone. I'm hopelessly in love with exploring California and everything mama nature has to offer near and far, so you’ll always be able to find me hiking the trails behind my house in Walnut Creek, CA, romanticizing the dreamy sunset hues of the California coastline or planning my next dream destination trip. Adventuring is my love language!

Before I became a full-time California wedding photographer I was a yoga teacher for over 5 years! When the pandemic hit in 2020, It felt like the universe was giving me the not-so-gentle push I needed to take my creative side gig to the next level and take my first steps on a journey I’d previously been too scared to commit to but where I was supposed to be.

soulmates and chosen family, and who doesn't want to get to experience your favorite peoples best day of their life over and over again!?
When I first picked up my camera I had no idea where my curiosity would lead me, but I’m the biggest believer that it brought me here for a reason. It’s no coincidence that our paths crossed and you stumbled here, either - and I can’t wait to keep exploring what led us both here and watch that chapter unfold.
You’re here for a reason, too - and I'd be honored to find out why.


Looking back now, I can see I was always on the right path all along because yoga gave me all the biggest strengths I value the most within the art I create and shaped the photographer I am today. 

Through gentle adjustments and helpful cues, I am able to guide my clients towards a more natural way of moving so I can authentically capture their love story and true essence through my lens. 

I am also able to pause, step back and hold space for the natural moments that will occur throughout a wedding day or our photography session. 

My style